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NorthFin Premium Fish Food Review & Sampling 🐟 Cichlid, Veggie & Krill

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Fast Cut 3
Bernie Jack

I can’t comment yet as your product has not turned up

Great Products that work

I have used Top Gear products for many years and everyone compliments me on how the shine on my boat looks consistently high gloss and amazing.

Great product

Works well and good quality

Top Gear Hull Cleaner

My go to cleaner for any fibreglass hull

Haven’t used product yet do to restrictions.

Not yet

Top Shine Sealcoat Polish
Stuart Campbell


Sealcoat Polish

Easy to use, great value and great result.

Glass Cleaner
Kerry gardem

It's the best glass cleaner out. So happy to have found a supplier at last

Fantastic product!

Top Shine Sealcoat Polish

great service

Great product

Easy to apply and buff . Fantastic finish . I would thoroughly recommend these products.

Happy with the service

I purchased the pack online and was looking for a previous product I had but could find on the list I rang through and left and message I got a return call and some good advice how how to use and swapped some items to be more detailed to my needs😀

Great product, not so sellers performance

Love the 3 products. Had to call supplier when products did not arrive. Supplier said ALL orders were filled. When given order number admitted he had missed it. Changed from adament to apolagetic.

Three products that work

Boat wash, cutting compound and polish have worked a treat on my 20 year old fibreglass boat . Happy customer


We have been using it for the last 10 years and the stuff is always doing an awesome job



Great product

Great service

Using medium cutting compound from Top Gear Marine

Easily removed most of the chalky finish on my caravan. Buffs up to a shiny finish using light pressure with a buffing wheel

Re Black Diamond double sided buff pad

This is a robust, functional and easy to assemble buff pad. I used it on a Ryobi corded buffer, (like an angle grinder.) slow speed gave the best shine.

Top Gear Stainless Steel Polish

Glass Cleaner
Michael Piccolo

Glass Cleaner

Diamond Coat
Joe Troop

It’s great

Versatile Cleaner

Fast Cut 3
Jack Cox

The product is great much better than anything else I've used. Polishing requires time there is no faster track like some products say. This product does its job.